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Instagrams Of The Syrian Revolution

While the Egyptian revolution told its story on Twitter, these 32 images — horrifying, exhilarating, intensely personal and sometimes beautiful — chronicle the bloodiest conflict of the Arab Spring. [UPDATED]

The Civil War Instragrams have has evolved past simply recording the conflict, to become a platform on which Syrians signal and dispute their political allegiances:

But still, people Instagram day to day life. Two friends celebrate an early Ramadan meal:

They paint their nails:

They take pictures of babies:

They photograph beautiful skylines:

And delicious meals:

And then cakes:

And more cute babies:

And they keep fighting and Instagramming.

UPDATE: The Instagrams above include some that appear to be posted by Syrians in Syria, others by Syrians and their sympathizers abroad, and appear to mix at least one news photograph with amateur photographs from inside Syria. An earlier version of this post suggested the Instagrammers were all on-the-ground participants in the revolution.