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11 Movies Hilariously Reimagined

Could these alternate movies have been blockbuster hits?

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3. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Paramount Pictures / Via

A heart-wrenching tale of the high school nerdy kid who is terrified to dance with the school's most popular hottie. To calm his nerves, he gets drunk for the first time and accidentally mixes up two of the dances. Will he embarrass himself completely--or will his groovy moves win the girl?

5. Step Up


A heart-warming victory flick about a ten-week-old puppy whose master waits for him at the top of the stairs--stairs he's terrified to ascend. Watch to see if his fluffy bum makes it to the top or if he'll be whining at the bottom forever. Includes the oscar-nominated scene for inspiration of his dog mom showing him how it's done. And soon, see the sequel Step Up 2: The Streets to see how our little fur ball does learning to walk on a leash!

7. The Imitation Game

The Weinstein Company / Via

A little girl annoys everyone by constantly mimicking their words--so a witch casts a spell on her, and now she can only communicate through imitation until she finds her one true love. Watch to see whether she dies annoying and alone, or if she can find someone egotistical enough to only want to hear their own words.

8. The Age of Adaline

Lionsgate / Via

An enigmatic con woman makes a career--and a small fortune--of stumping state fair age-guessers...until one resourceful young man gets it right. How will she confront her true age, and what will she do now?

9. The Wolf of Wall Street

Paramount Pictures / Via

A ravenous wolf is unleashed in the i-banking offices of Wall Street, his devious zoo handler intent on bringing the market down. But what will happen when it turns out that this little lobo is just ferocious enough to crunch numbers--and become Morgan Stanley's top 'dog'?

11. The Italian Job

Paramount Pictures / Via

How one pasta-preparing chef became the world's most famous race-car driver. The twist? Her signature move is leaving the competition in the her mini cooper.

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