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Remember This Legally Blonde Character?

Well, turns out, she's really good at salon scenes...

PWilliams16 • 3 years ago

The One Little Detail You Might Have Missed About ObamaJAMA

By now you've probably heard that Obama just became the first POTUS to publish an academic article...but did you notice this?

PWilliams16 • 3 years ago

The 12 Funniest Poodle-Mix Breed Names

Warning: poo jokes ahead

PWilliams16 • 3 years ago

11 Movies Hilariously Reimagined

Could these alternate movies have been blockbuster hits?

PWilliams16 • 3 years ago

The 17 Stages Of Going On A Run

If you have a love/hate relationship with running

PWilliams16 • 3 years ago

Applying For Jobs, As Told By Game Of Thrones

What it's like trying to get a job out of college, illustrated by Game of Thrones

PWilliams16 • 3 years ago

Why Is This Random Penguin Showing Up In So Many TV Shows?

One little character you've never noticed before.

PWilliams16 • 4 years ago