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    • ProudlyLiberal

      Jodie Foster doesn’t owe you anything in terms of honesty as to who she is. She is an actor and director, providing you the product you pay to see. She owes you nothing of her personal life. Do you expect the same degree of honesty from your bank teller or pharmacist? They’re in the same boat - providing you a service in return for your cash. Get over your demands that those in the entertainment industry owe you anything more than good art for good money.

    • ProudlyLiberal

      First of all, Jodie Foster doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing. What is owed is by those who have enjoyed her work - they owe her their thanks for using her talent to engage and entertain you. She owes neither the public nor the gay community the traditional “coming out” confession and admission. For those people (such as the vitriolic Michael Bedwell above) who are dissatisfied with her statement, I invite them to reconsider their criticism. Jodie did not say it was “wrong” or that she was “ashamed” of her situation, only that she was “private” about it to those she’d not actually met. If you were lucky enough to be her friend, you’d already know it, but because you were her friend, you’d consider it your duty to keep it to yourself, out of the friendship and love you feel for Jodie.  So to the general public, gay or straight, who think that every gay person HAS to come out publicly, grow up. Particularly if you’re gay, because you already know how hard the coming out process is. And if you were born in the 50s or 60s (or before) you know that it is even harder, because today’s world is dramatically different.  I applaud Jodie for having the courage to say what she said. If you need her to be more specific than “ex-partner in love” or “co-parent”, then you’re requiring that everyone else live to your standards and that’s not only unrealistic, it’s selfish and unnecessary.  Find the good in things instead of the bad. You’ll be happier.

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