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13 Things We Did In The ‘00s That We Need To Bring Back ASAP

C’mon, it wasn’t *all* bad. Proactiv was good then, and it’s even better now with their brand new retinoid system.

How High Is Your Skin Care IQ?

Are you more of a derp-atologist or a dermaKNOWLEDGist? Whatever your skin IQ, you know you want to look great. So check out ProactivMD, the first system in acne history to feature an Rx-strength retinoid available without a prescription — only from ProactivMD.

Would You Rather: Middle-Ages Beauty Techniques

More like Med-EVIL, amirite? Thankfully, today we have comfortable, non-weird, and scientifically backed solutions for our skin — like ProactivMD, featuring the first Rx-strength retinoid in acne history to be sold over the counter, only available from ProactivMD.