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13 Things We Did In The ‘00s That We Need To Bring Back ASAP

C’mon, it wasn’t *all* bad. Proactiv was good then, and it’s even better now with their brand new retinoid system.

1. Agonizing over making these for your S.O.:

2. Drinking these glorious beverages without fear of being labeled basic:

3. Setting strategic away messages for your crush to find:

4. Framing your face with these:

5. Committing to head-to-toe denim:

6. Using this to keep your friends in their place:

7. Expressing your deepest, most sensitive feelings through your hair:

8. Wearing basically a sweatsuit anywhere and everywhere:

9. Being super into any food labeled *fusion*:

10. Covering up your unwashed hair with one of these:

11. Wearing these all summer and feeling like a beautiful giantess:

12. Choosing makeup based on its flavor:

13. Wearing these with pride:

Illustrations by Lyla Ribot

...K, maybe not all of these need to make a comeback JUST yet. The one thing that will never go out of style is the great skin you got back then from Proactiv. Try out their new and innovative retinoid line for timelessly beautiful skin.