Introducing "Pretty For An Aboriginal", A New Podcast About Sex, Relationships, Dating, Power And...Race

    BuzzFeed is proud to introduce Pretty For An Aboriginal — the new podcast hosted by Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell that’s set to challenge traditional perceptions of Indigenous Australia.

    Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell are fascinated by how race informs their everyday experiences. They talk about race ALL THE TIME, and even when they aren’t, they are – because their Aboriginality is part of who they are and how they are perceived by others.

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    In the first season of Pretty For An Aboriginal, Nakkiah and Miranda unpack the influence of African-American popular culture and politics on young black people in Australia.

    And, they talk honestly about weight, relationships, dick pics, being a boss in the male-dominated film & TV industries, building a First Nations support system on social media, and why presentation really, truly, definitely matters.

    In the first episode they talk to rapper, writer and record label boss Adam Briggs about making music that’s “too black”.

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    Over the eight-episode season, Orange Is the New Black star Yael Stone trades ally strategies, and actor Shari Sebbens explains why she baulks at putting on a “rural accent”, when what casting directors are really asking Shari to do is “sound black”.

    Arka Das, Blessing Mokgohloa and Miranda consider becoming superheroes in order to find common ground between first generation and Indigenous Australians. (For the record, Miranda has her heart set on being the first Aboriginal Storm in X-Men. Marvel Studios if you’re reading…this is a legit suggestion).

    Essayist and writer Roxane Gay bonds with Nakkiah over a mutual love of ice-skating (and a particular Russian ice-skater’s thighs) and they discuss why popular culture continues to define one’s sex life, and sexiness, by size. And, Miranda and Nakkiah meet model Emily Sears to talk dick pics and dick pic shaming.

    Plus, Canadian broadcaster, artist and activist Sarain Fox, and publishing powerhouse and West Tigers (NRL) chair Marina Go, talk about how and why young woman of colour are leading the fight for equality and cultural recognition.

    Listen to the teaser now:

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