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    14 Reasons To Give A Book

    The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect on the joys of friends and family and/or a seemingly endless series of impossible and stressful decisions. Well, to make that endless series of impossible decisions a little easier, just remember a simple rule: A Book is Better. I know, there are some very cool other gifts out there, but a book is better. Here are 14 reasons to give a book this holiday season.

    14. Rectangles Are Easy to Wrap

    13. No Assembly Required

    12. They Don't Break the First Few Times You Use Them

    11. You Never Need to House Train a Book

    10. A Book Is One Size Fits All Unlike That Sweatshirt

    9. Dad Does Not Need Another Tie

    8. And If Your Goal Is To Be Passive Aggressive and/or Emotionally Confusing, Well, You Can’t Beat the Right Book. (Not that you’d do such a thing.)

    7. You Never Have to Rush Out for Batteries in the Middle of the Night

    6. "We Don't Allow Books in Our House," Said NO PARENT EVER!

    5. Books Are Rarely Recalled Due to Safety Hazards

    4. Inscribing a Book Is Easier Than Monogramming, Well, Anything

    3. It Is Easier to Mail a Book than a Pony

    2. You can read it before you give it AND THEY’LL NEVER KNOW!

    1. Oh. And...

    despite all of our advances in technology, communication, and entertainment, nothing we have invented is quite as able to inspire our imagination, expand the reach of our empathy, move us to tears (sad tears, happy tears, angry tears, even the occasional embarrassed-for-the-character-but-also-kind-of-for-yourself-because-you've-totally-been-there tears), challenge our intellect, keep us up past our bedtime, make us believe in magic and dragons and robots and time travel, transport us to impossible locations, introduce us to unique people, and dazzle us with the beauty humans, with all our flaws, are truly capable of, than a great book. So this year, give a book.