• 14 Reasons To Give A Book

    The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect on the joys of friends and family and/or a seemingly endless series of impossible and stressful decisions. Well, to make that endless series of impossible decisions a little easier, just remember a simple rule: A Book is Better. I know, there are some very cool other gifts out there, but a book is better. Here are 14 reasons to give a book this holiday season.

  • 12 Awkward Bookseller Moments

    Being a bookseller is a pretty fantastic job, but booksellers are humans and humans can be very, very awkward. Therefore, booksellers can be very, very awkward. Here are 12 Awkward Bookseller Moments. (No booksellers, books, readers, or bears were harmed in the making of this list. Unless you count feeling awkward as being harmed. In which case, yeah, there’s a good amount of that.)

  • 15 Books For Amanda Palmer And Her Fans

    For certain reasons (specifically selling signed copies of The Art of Asking) we’ve been thinking a lot about Amanda Palmer and we’re pretty constantly thinking about books. Thus, by Internet Law we are required to create a list of books for Amanda Palmer and her fans. (Also applicable to readers looking to read about art, rock’n’roll, the badassest badass women, poetry, the struggle of self creation, breaking out of social definitions…)

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