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6 Facts About "The Goonies" You Didn't Know

27-years ago, Mikey and his friends went on an adventure to find One-Eyed Willie's treasure. Here are some things you may or may not know about The Goonies.

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1. The Goonies II Only Happened In A Video Game

For years it's been rumored a sequel was on the way. First with the original cast then with the original cast as the parents of a new group of kids. A lot has been said but for the most part, the only Goonies II we'll ever see was a 1987 Nintendo game.

In the game, the Fratellis kidnap everyone except Mikey. You, as Mikey, need to save everyone.

3. Director Richard Donner Makes A Cameo

Richard Donner, slightly more famous for directing the original Superman movies, made a cameo as one of the Deputies to find the Goonies on the beach at the end of the movie (he's the one on the right).

4. "Sloth" Was A Pro-Football Player

John Matuszak, who played Sloth, was an NFL defensive linesman playing for the Oakland Raiders until 1981. While The Goonies was his most famous roles, he popped up in a few other 80s movies including the John Cusack / Demi Moore classic One Crazy Summer.

5. The "Scariest Part" Was Cut From The Film

At the end of the movie, in describing the adventure to the police and press, Data mentions "The scariest part was the octopus!" If you had been watching the movie up to that part, you may have noticed there was no octopus.

The movie was already running long and it was decided to cut the scene. The scene has remained in relative obscurity until the DVD release featured it.

6. The Goonies Didn't See The Ship Until The Scene Was Filmed

In an attempt to capture the authentic excitement of the kids seeing Willie's ship for the first time, Director Richard Donner didn't let the kids see the ship until the scene where they come across the boat was filmed.

In later interviews, Corey Feldman has said he actually did see it before they shot that scene along with someone else he won't mention.

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