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Petition To Get Bieber Booted From The USA - Exclusive Interview

A petition has commenced Thursday morning, and has gone straight to the Whitehouse, to revoke the visa of pop star Justin Bieber and have in deported in the wake of his DUI arrest in Miami. The online petition was setup by William Proscia of Brooklyn, NY following a string of Bieber’s recent run ins with the law.

PopFocal 5 years ago

Rachel Dratch As Jenna On "30 Rock"

In the original unaired pilot for 30 Rock Rachel Dratch played Jenna DeCarlo before the show was re-cast with Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney.

PopFocal 7 years ago

Top 5 Movies About High School

It's back-to-school time. If you're heading back to class or just remember when you used to, here are five movies about high school to remind you.

PopFocal 7 years ago

5 Awesome Movies From Summer 1997

Remember what blockbuster summer movies were like 15 years ago? Pop Focal does. Here's our list of the best from 1997.

PopFocal 7 years ago

Rollercoaster Rolls Backwards

The tallest and fastest rollercoaster in North America sometimes rolls backwards. We made it happen!

PopFocal 7 years ago

6 Facts About "The Goonies" You Didn't Know

27-years ago, Mikey and his friends went on an adventure to find One-Eyed Willie's treasure. Here are some things you may or may not know about The Goonies.

PopFocal 7 years ago

The NY Auto Show Is In Town

Cool cars are dominating the west-side of Manhattan with the NY International Auto Show. Here are some of the highlights we got to check out first.

PopFocal 7 years ago

People Hate Star Wars In 3D

George Lucas keeps looking for ways to make money off his franchise. People do not like Star Wars in 3D.

PopFocal 7 years ago

Fear Factor Returns To TV

Remember when Joe Rogan was the guy from Newsradio, and then he was the guy from Fear Factor, and then he was the guy from UFC? Well, he's the guy from Fear Factor again.

PopFocal 8 years ago

Best TV Comedies From 2011

We conducted a very unscientific poll to find what you believed to be the best comedies on television for 2011. Here are the results.

PopFocal 8 years ago


Community's Christmas episode takes a few shots at Glee. This leads us to the inevitable question - who would you rather? Alison Brie or anyone from Glee? Community airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC

PopFocal 8 years ago

Peter Jackson is Capt. Haddock

The Adventures of TinTin comes to theaters December 21 and was put together by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Check out Peter Jackson auditioning for the role of Captain Haddock.

PopFocal 8 years ago

GRIMM Gets Full Season, Moves To Thursdays On NBC

NBC is showing some confidence in Grimm. They're moving the show to Thursday (temporarily). Grimm will air two new episodes in back-to-back nights on Thursday, December 8 at 10/9c and Friday, December 9 at 9/8c. If you haven't seen the show yet, here's a sneak peak.

PopFocal 8 years ago