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The 8 Rules To Proper Hostel Etiquette

Sharing a room with 6 other strangers doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. Just follow these 8 simple guidelines and we'll all get along!

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Don't have long conversations on your phone.

Just step outside the door to talk. People hang out in the dorm rooms to relax. We don’t want to listen to you cry to your boyfriend or argue with your mom about how you’re “an adult and can make your own decisions!”

Turn your light off!

Seriously!? It’s 3am and we’re all trying to sleep! There’s nothing that shocks you awake more than all the lights in the room flashing on because some drunk idiot stumbled in and can’t see.

Don't have sex in the room.

C’mon, that makeshift towel curtain hides nothing. We can hear and see you, and it’s pissing everyone in the room off! Have fun with the dirty looks you’ll receive the next morning.

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