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The 7 People You'll Meet At A Hostel While Traveling Abroad.

Everyone's got some great stories about the people they meet while traveling. And those traveling on a tight budget know that some of the most interesting characters you meet end up sharing a room with you. These people will make your hostel experience just a bit more interesting.

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The Guy Searching for Self-discovery

This guy will probably wow you with some pretty awesome stories, but please don’t encourage him by looking too impressed. Eventually, you’ll notice these Alexander Supertramp wannabes are just there to talk about themselves. They’ve been traveling alone for about one month, and after sleeping under a bridge once they’ve somehow discovered the secret of what it means to truly be alive. Don’t buy into it. There’s a good chance these guys have probably been traveling on their parents‘ dime the whole time, and are probably just going to brag about how real travelers don’t go to tourist destinations. Don’t let this Alexander Super-suck get you down; there’s a reason the Eiffel Tower is so popular.

The Study Abroad Student

Often found in groups, these people can be seen taking pictures all day or partying all night. They’ve never experienced freedom like this which means they’re down to do anything, so that makes them cool companions to bring along wherever you go. Unfortunately, they sometimes turn into an obnoxious crowd of animals stumbling around in the dark at 3am after a long night of bar hopping. Shouldn’t they be studying? Maybe. But, hey, they’re just trying to take advantage of the fact that they can drink legally before the age of 21, and, y’know, learn about culture and stuff.

That One Middle-aged Guy

These guys are found just hanging out in the common room area. Why they’re staying in a place where even the staff is about 15 years younger than them, you’ll probably never know. In fact, some of these guys end up literally living in that hostel for a few months or even years. They can be cool to chat with and probably have some sagely advice about the area and your future travels, but, for some, his dreadlocks and need to act like he’s still 25 is Don’t worry; these guys are generally harmless, and, as hostel veterans/ unofficial employees, are quite respectful if you end up sharing a room with them.

The Princess

You have no idea what this girl is doing in a shared living facility! Like, seriously, what are you doing here?! This person has a complete and total disregard for all hostel etiquette! They use up all the hot water in the bathroom, and can’t stop complaining about the cleanliness of the place or the fact that the staff can’t speak enough English. They don’t often socialize with anyone else in the room because they just assume that you all are going to eventually try to steal their stuff when their not looking. Get real, honey. If you want a hotel experience the Hilton is down the street. Do you need an adult to take you and your friends there?

The Partier

THIS PERSON IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND! Until the next morning, that is. They are never seen in daylight, and exist purely between the hours of 9pm to 5am. No one gets you more amped to party than this person. They always know of the best places to go, and will only tolerate you drinking the hardest of beverages in their presence. “Oh... uh... you want to do another shot?” Careful of your wallet, there’s a chance that you might end up paying for both you and them throughout the night. You’ll probably only be able to hang out with this person once since they’ll leave you with a pounding headache and feeling just a bit sticky the next morning, so forget about that bike tour you were gonna go on.

The Couple

Ugh, we get it, you’re in love. Nobody reminds lone-travelers of their lonliness better than these two. These people are either on their honeymoon or having some romantic get-away, and they’re always cuddling on their little twin beds in the room. They do know you can book private rooms too, right? You’re not alone, everyone else in the rooms hates them too right now.

The Newbie

Awww! Look how precious they are! These wide-eyed little ones are full of romantic hopes and ideas of the adventure that awaits them. Much like the study abroad student, the newbie’s new-found freedom makes them up for anything. Except when they do something they do it with much more enthusiasm! Often caught with a Lonely Planet travel guide, these guys are still getting used to this whole complete independence thing. Awkward little things, they are; they still haven’t quite gotten the hang of hostel etiquette yet, and how not to over or under pack their things. The rustling of plastic bags during the night might drive you insane, but be patient with them, my dear traveler, for we were all Newbies once too.

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