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    • pobrecita

      in response to slb027. depression is not something you can snap out of. i have lived with it since i was thirteen. it comes and goes for me. it is not a negative attitude. it is not about being whiny, or lazy. it is a chemical imbalance where you literally feel nothing, or have a sense of impending doom and extreme anxiety. imagine that nothing brings you joy in your life anymore. food doesn’t taste as good, the shows you watch aren’t as funny, whatever you do in your spare time isn’t as interesting or fulfilling as it used to be. imagine that this goes on for weeks. why is everyone else so happy? why can’t you feel like they do? what is wrong with you? you nervously bite your nails, and with the weeks upon weeks of anxiety they are now bleeding. it is an odd sensation. you see and taste the red iron. this is something. this is real. you feel this, and for a moment, you feel alive.

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