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20 Ways To Make Your Walls Look Uniquely Amazing

Plain old wallpaper is passé. Check out these funky wall treatments that use everything from paint chips to Post-It notes.

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1. Post-It Note Wallpaper

Because who really uses these for taking notes anymore? This is as easy as it looks: just stick your Post-It notes on the wall (you may want to use glue or tape for added security). Arrange them as closely to one another as possible, slightly overlapping the horizontal rows.

2. The Chalkboard Calendar

You'll never loose track of your schedule again. Coat your wall with chalkboard paint, then mark the outlines of your calendar with a pencil and use different shades of chalkboard paint to create the various squares. Detailed instructions available here.


7. Fiberboard

Medium-dense fiberboard is a cheap and easy way to add dimension to your walls. Pick boards of various thicknesses and sizes, arrange however you'd like, and affix them to the wall with nails (cover the nail holes with paintable caulk). Paint the panels when done if you want. More tips are here.


10. Recipe Cards

Give your kitchen an old school feel with antique recipe cards. Use Grandma's old recipe collection or scour flea markets for attractive ones. Adhere to the wall using polyurethane: apply one coat on the back of the cards, and one on top to seal.

11. Graffiti

Let out your inner spray painting fiend and go from boring white to radical. Okay — you might not pull of something quite as crazy as this French hotel room by graffiti artist Tilt, but you could make your own toned-downed version using everyday spray paint.

12. Changeable Pixelated Designs

Change up your wall decal daily with these pixelated panels by Amirko. Rotating panels allow you to change the color of each pixel, creating a new pattern whenever your heart desires. They'll be available to purchase soon — keep an eye out here.


13. Fabric

Paste your favorite fabric to the wall using cornstarch and water. To create the paste: boil 4 cups of water, dissolve 3/8 cup of cornstarch in a little bit of water, and add the cornstarch mixture to the boiled water to create your paste. Cut the fabric to the exact size of the surface you wish to cover, brush the surface with paste, and apply the fabric from the top down. Smooth and adjust as you go, adding more paste as necessary. This helpful blog post has all the details.


18. Maps

With GPS now steering you in the right direction, put your maps to a more aesthetic use. Arrange the maps as you like so they cover the wall, overlapping if you choose. Any adhesive will do, including wallpaper paste applied with a paint roller, a mixture of glue and water, or Modge Podge.

19. Polaroids

Yes, we're talking real printed photographs. Turn your wall into a collage way prettier than your Facebook timeline. Tape, tack, or glue your photos to the wall — affixing to a corner makes the design more interesting.

20. CDs

Remember these? Track down your middle school CD collection and add some shimmer to your walls. You'll need four-slot CD sleeves in various colors (black and white shown here). Just tack them to the wall and slide in the CDs. A full explanation can be found here.