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    14 Things Only Organized People Truly Understand

    Where all my Type As at??

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    1. Your planner (or Gcal) is the most precious thing in your life.

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    If it were to suddenly disappear, you literally do not know what you'd do.

    2. Because thanks to your attentive scheduling, you always know EXACTLY what you'll be doing five months from now.

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    First Tuesday in August? Sorry, I'm booked.

    3. Which is why it's so annoying when you're meeting up with someone, and you're always the one waiting.

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    "Where r u? No, REALLY, where r u?  "

    4. So since then, you've gotten into the habit of giving fake meetup times to your most chronically late friends.

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    It's a lifestyle.

    5. Plus, you're usually the designated organizer in your friend group overall.

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    You're totally the mom of the group.

    6. But you don't mind, because to you, nothing will ever compare to the feeling of crossing something off a to-do list.

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    It's a contact high.

    7. You love planning things out in advance so much that it can get a little ridiculous...

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    So what if you already have summer vacay plans for 2022?

    8. And any time you're asked to ~share~ the planning responsibilities, your heart rate goes up dangerously.

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    You very much prefer to be a lone wolf when it comes to those things.

    9. And when your best-laid plans are ruined by someone trying to be ~spontaneous~, well, you get angry.

    David Michalek / Via

    Because HOW DARE THEY??

    10. You and office supplies have a special bond.

    NBC / Via

    Color-coded folders and files are your favorites.

    11. And the idea of writing something down in your notebook with anything besides your ~special pen~ probably makes you sick to your stomach. / Via

    It would throw everything off.

    12. You love being in charge, but it's still frustrating when people just don't ~get it~ when you're trying to explain things.

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    13. And you've learned to just roll with it when your organization skills are the butt of a joke.

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    Because deep down inside, you know you're the Hermione up in here, anyways.

    14. And it's because you know that at the end of the day, your friends make fun of you because they envy you.

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    There's just nothing like living that organized life.

    This post was translated from French.

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