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Posted on Jan 12, 2018

Did You Survive 10 Out Of 19 Of These Awful 2000s Fashion Trends?

I'm so sorry that you have to live through all this again.

Tick "Yes" if you went in on any of the following awful trends from the 2000s. Tick "No" if you managed to avoid them.

  1. 1. Were you lucky enough to have a pair of extra, extra low-rise jeans in your closet?

    Mychele Daniau / AFP / Getty Images
  2. 2. Did you proudly wear a pair of checkered Vans slip-ons in the school playground?

    Vans / Amazon /
  3. 3. Did you yield, in a fleeting moment of weakness, to the Von Dutch trend?

    Getty /
  4. 4. Was this skirt an essential item of your wardrobe between 2004 and 2007?
  5. 5. Did off-the-shoulder tops manage to overwhelm what little common sense you had?

    Jim Smeal / WireImage
  6. 6. On a night out, did you blaze your way onto the dance floor in a nice pair of Buffalo shoes?

    Buffalo / Amazon /
  7. 7. If not, what about a trendy pair of Total 90 soccer shoes?

    Nike / Amazon /
  8. 8. Did you Livestrong?

    Joel Saget / AFP / Getty Images
  9. 9. Ever make the ill-advised choice to sport a pair of shutter shades?

    Getty Images
  10. 10. Did you wear a belt like this one?

    Amazon /
  11. 11. When you weren't wearing your studded belt, of course. Right?

    Flickr: chelsea-e-levin
  12. 12. Did you wear your jeans as skinny as you could find them?

    Getty Images
  13. 13. Did you own a scarf like this one? Maybe one you bought at Hot Topic?
  14. 14. Did you ever sneak a pair of Real 3D glasses out of the theater and wear them with the lenses popped out to look a little more sophisticated?

    Todd Williamson / Getty Images for RealD
  15. 15. Did you pop the collars on all your polos (that you probably bought at Hollister)?

    Flickr: symic / Creative Commons
  16. 16. Did you want a Kipling bag more than anything in the world?

    Flickr: gerardstolk / Creative Commons
  17. 17. Except for maybe a small Louis Vuitton bag?
  18. 18. Did you implore your parents to get you a keffiyeh like this?
  19. 19. And finally, do you recognize these leggings?

This post was translated from French.

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