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I Just Found Out What's In A Kit Kat Bar And Honestly? It Surprised Me.


Kit Kat: Always a reliable choice. Maybe not everyone's favorite, but who doesn't like a Kit Kat, right?

It's got chocolate, it's got wafers, it's got...other stuff?

But wait a second...what is that other stuff? What exactly is inside a Kit Kat bar? Does anyone know?

Wafers, obviously. And chocolate, of course. But is that really it? Come on now, Kit Kat, tell me your secrets! WHAT ELSE IS INSIDE YOU?!

Well, after months of research (I watched a 20 second BBC clip), I've discovered the secret...

Brace yourself!

Kit Kats are filled with...broken Kit Kats!

Wait, Kit Kats are just filled with MORE Kit Kats?


Kit Kats that get damaged during production are crunched up into a Kit Kat paste and given a second life as the inside of future Kit Kats.

Here's that BBC clip again, if you want to see it happen for yourself.

This post was translated from German.