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12 Extremely Satisfying GIFs Of Things Being Cut By Knives

So dangerous, yet so, so gratifying.

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1. This spool of thread getting cut open is simply everything.

Stine Linnemann Studio / Via

2. This cheese! So! Nice!

TheOneThatGotBanned / Via

3. Like a warm knife through butter. Or just a very sharp knife through tomato. Whatever.

o0Tektite0o / Via

4. Or even radishes!

5. Oh my god!

Botek / Via

6. If that impressed you, what if we doubled the stack? WOW.

mocosoft / Via

7. Yup. This is literally as good as honey.

drbatookhan / Via

8. incredibleincredibleincredible!

9. Hnnnngg!

SlimJones123 / Via

10. These slices are so thin, it should be illegal.

Bryndol / Via

11. I can't look away!

tek0011 / Via

12. Wow. It's almost hypnotic.

MrOmniscient / Via


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