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I Just Learned How Kefir Is Made, And I Really, Really Hate It

Milk with bacteria! BACTERIA MILK!

If you're like me, you've probably heard of kefir, and you've probably even enjoyed it with breakfast a few times, right?

And if you continue to be like me, you probably assumed that kefir was just some normal milk product, right?

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Sorry. You better sit down. We need to talk.

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

Because–again, sorry–this here? This is kefir.

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Yep. Kefir grains (or a kefir SCOBY) is a living mass that consists of mainly bacteria and yeast.

And by "living," I mean that it will just keep bubbling and growing in the right conditions. You could leave it for a week and come back and it will be twice as big. Hmmmm! 😶

And to make the kefir you've heard about, you just infuse these gross gelatinous grains with commercially available ultra-pasteurized milk and let it bubble for a few days.

Then just pour it through a sieve and it's done! All the bacteria milk you could ever want! Ugh, kefir! 🤢🤢

*Of course* you can collect the SCOBY afterwards and use it as often as you like. It just keeps on living and growing. 🦑

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This post was translated from German.

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