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31 Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

Double takes for days.

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1. Let's start with this one: Can you figure out what's going on with the arm situation here?

2. Now, can you tell what word this is spelling out?

3. Is this a photo of an awesome concert — or an illuminated lawn?

4. Looks like Stan Lee is having a good time here — or is he?

5. What's going on with this glass at the bottom, though?

6. And do you realize this is a single, un-photoshopped picture?

7. Here's another one!

(Here's proof!)

8. How long did it take you to realize that this isn't a picture of a piece of furniture?

Steeeeve_Maaadden / Via

9. And how long did it take you to realize this isn't a human stork taking a selfie?

Mprovin / Via

10. This paddy field is blowing our mind...

11. And this aerial shot of a toll station is kind of making us nauseous...

12. Why does this squirrel look like it's about to steal that car??

13. And wait, what's going on here??

14. Question: How many legs does this woman have?

15. More questions: Do you see a cow in this picture?

16. What if I told you that this is a bathroom?

17. Why does this lake scene look like the planet Jupiter?

18. HOLY SHIT WHAT THE — ohhhhhhhh.

19. Your pervy mind thought this was a dirty pic, didn't it? 😅

20. Who shrunk the jogger here?

21. What's up with these legs?

LFranceschi / Via

22. And honestly...wait, what?!

23. What kind of dinosaur is this?

24. What kind of long-armed pick-pocketing is this??

25. Now, look at this picture. This isn't Photoshop — it's just plain makeup artistry:

26. And this picture is, despite what you might think, NOT a little old man.

jaykirsch / Via

27. And this, we guess, is not a pic of a little dude perched on this bicyclist.

28. Shit, for a second this pic really stressed us out:

29. Meanwhile, this one just made our head hurt.

30. And, yep, you guessed it: This isn't Photoshopped either.

31. And neither is this!

Damn, perspective, you got us.

Damn, perspective, you got us.

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This post was translated from German.

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