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22 Design Decisions That Make Absolutely No Sense

Why, though?

1. This very distinct tiling:

2. This generous offering:

3. This carpet that looks like it's infested with ants:

4. This ski lift with benefits:

5. This hangman's elevator:

6. Spider-Man's interesting new ability:

7. This floral decoration:

8. This lamp:

9. This pool float:

10. This distracting suit design:

11. This sign encouraging you not to season the pigeons:

12. This religious coloring book:

13. This bloody carpet design:

14. These stairs...that's right, they're stairs:

15. This little embroidered palm tree that you definitely won't mistake for a spider in the middle of the night:

16. This shy soccer ball:

17. This nightmare-inducing tap:

18. This bottle opener:

19. This "used" chandelier:

20. This handle:

21. The print on these pants:

22. And these bath bombs that are supposed to look like high heels, apparently:

This post was translated from German.