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    • peterortegar

      this is from tumblr, and this is the wayifeel about the show: WhenIsay “I will go down with this ship”Idon’t mean “Watta fantastic ship, may all the good children be graced by its perfection”.Imean likeIwill go down with this ship.Iwill casually survey the damage when the show ends and I’ll see the characters get their endings and I’ll watch my fellow shippers board onto lifeboats and leave as my ship slowly, gracelessly sinks and I’ll go into the control room and grab the steering wheel. And, I’ll look into the sea and the waves that are the new shows will crash around me and I’ll cry softly. I’ll touch the splintering wood and whisper, we sailed foragood while, didn’t we? Thanks for everything. And,Iwill. Go down. With. This. Ship. and this is me:
      ILove TheLWord Beyond the telling of it, this Show help me so much, it help me to accept whoiam, and realized the wayiwant to live, and love, and share my life with my friends. So, Okay, the show was not perfect, but sometimes, you don’t need something to be perfect to be what you need. And this Show was allineeded to love the lifeilive, and live the lifeiLove. So Thank You for Six Great Seasons!

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