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    Just 14 Heartwarming Photos Of Election Ballot Papers (And A Democracy Sausage)

    Pencil + Paper + Ink = Democracy.

    1. They might be just bits of paper with ink on them, but in Australia they represent DEMOCRACY AT WORK!

    2. We have little green ballot papers for the House of Representatives (aka the lower house)...

    3. And big white ballot papers for the Senate (upper house).

    4. Look at how YEWDGE it is! And look at the tiny cardboard voting booths. Origami required.

    5. Here's one at full stretch.

    6. If you don't vote in Australia you cop a fine. Being a famous sporting type on tour in India is no excuse.

    7. Once you've voted on the big sheet, fold once, fold twice, fold thrice, and then wedge into the cardboard democracy box.

    8. If you're a candidate, vote for yourself and pose for a photo.

    9. And then it's time for a Democracy Sausage.

    10. When the polls close, someone has to wrangle all those millions of ballots. (You'd want to be a bit careful with the pile on the right...)

    11. Just tip the ballot papers onto a fold-up table. Collect ballots on the floor.

    12. Seasoned ballot counters travel with rubber finger tips.

    13. If you make a counting error someone behind you will notice.

    14. Imagine if you went to the ATM and it just started spewing out lower house ballot papers. I can't pay for my Pad Thai with ballot papers!

    15. Just a big neat wad of Australian Democracy for you here...