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America Really Needs To Get On Board With Democracy Sausages

Less queuein', more chewin'.

America is currently having its midterm elections. There's a lot of drama because the results could determine which major party controls the House and the Senate. There is also a lot of tension about the country's voting system.

Machines have broken, people are waiting in queues for hours, and generally Americans are pretty pissed off by the lack of a streamlined voting process in the country.

Things are a bit different in Australia. We might not do everything right, but when it comes to voting we have invented perhaps the most important part of any act of democracy in the nation: the democracy sausage.

A democracy sausage is traditionally a sausage, usually cooked on the barbecue, nestled between the sides of a slice of white bread. You can add onions and sauce and, hell, maybe even make it a bread roll instead, but the important thing is this: It is the greatest gift democracy ever gave us and they're for sale at most voting stations.

This is what voting looks like.

One dollar? Maybe two? Hell, if I'm desperate I'd even part with $5 for one of these puppies.

Often times the sausages are sold at public schools, so the school raises some money, too. Just give it a go.

I can literally taste this image.

So good even early voters want some.

What an absolute dag I am. I actually voted πŸ—³ in my local by election a couple of weeks ago, but I stopped by my local polling place and got myself a #DemocracySausage πŸ™„πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

And voting day just ain't the same unless I get one of these bad boys.

The democracy sausage: the best part of voting in Australia.

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