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    • peterh26

      Because apparently no one read the article they are posting under: The artists doing this give donations to all these people as well as giving them a new sign. I get some of the criticisms regarding exactly how the signs look, but the idea is clearly that these signs will attract more donations from people walking by (by virtue of being more eye-catching). I hope these artists follow through and interview some of these homeless people again to make sure of that.

    • peterh26

      You were right to mention drag queens, David Bowie, Andy Warhol, and all those people in your second to last paragraph as heroes; as role models. For me in particular, Bowie wasahuge inspiration whenIwas closeted and living inasmall town (not far from Corning, as it turns out) Now, why can’t Conner be included in that list, just because he is, among other things,aporn star? How is his presence ‘harmful’? Keep in mind that his talk was not going to be about porn.

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