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    • peterc30

      Advertisments reflecting attitudes from previous generations. Interesting though is the attitudes being reflected in todays advts. Seems to me that many of them are just as sexist and rely on stereotypes for either gender. Men don’t complain about them and just shrug their shoulders or laugh at the stupidity of the advt while some women complain. Even more interesting is that one never sees women complaining about the stereotypes portrayed about men … only those about women. Furthermore, it appears not all women agree with those that complain as they act in the advts they stereotype women. Can’t blame the advertisers or their agencies if women agree to make those advts. I include makeup artists, set designers, clothes selectors, hairdressers, producers, script writers and so on who are female and all work in the production of these advts. If stereotyping and sexism is wrong, then it is wrong for both genders and feminists should, if being truly principled, complain about both.

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