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    • peteg22

      Spending: Yes, surely the government has to spend money more wisely by cutting health care costs and defense spending. The US spends two times what other developed countries spend (per person) on medical care, and they have better results. We spend5times more on the military than the next most militarized country. Any room for savings there? To fix this we need to stop the powerful medicine-pharma-insurance-military-industrial lobby. The lobbies sendasmall check to our legislators (that helps ensure their re-election), so that those legislators will keep sending the truck around to shovel our tax dollars into the corporate accounts. We clearly need campaign finance reform in addition to tax and spending reform. Taxes: Why not just tax the two best measures of the the extent to whichahousehold has profited from the economic infrastructure government provides: Income and Wealth (net-worth). Tax income at 20% with no deductions except for everyone the income needed basic needs (a realistic poverty line) is taxed at 3%. This producesajustifiable progressive tax. Replace property, capital gains, estate taxes witha2% net-worth tax. Have states and localities set and collectasurcharge on every household’s Federal tax. End all other taxes. That’s the 3-20-2 reform plan at It would cut the total taxes of the working-poor and middle-class by thousands each year and with the spending cuts above create federal surpluses to pay down our debt.

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