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    40 Things Cool Guys Like In The Summer

    According to the experts in LFO. It is sooooo fly when girls stop by for the summer.

    1. New Kids on the Block, who had a bunch of hits.

    2. Chinese food that makes you sick.

    3. When girls stop by for the summer.

    4. Girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch.

    5. Hip-hop.

    6. Marmalade.

    7. Spic and Span.

    8. Larry Bird in his great 33 jersey.

    9. Billy Shakespeare, who wrote a lot of sonnets.

    10. Being called "Willie Whistle" when you cannot speak.

    11. Macauley Culkin's performance in Home Alone.

    12. Michael J. Fox as Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties.

    13. Telling people your name is "Rich" when you meet them, even if it's not.

    14. Cherry Pez.

    15. Coke.

    16. Crush.

    17. Rock Stud.

    18. Boogie.

    19. Playing hooky because you hate school.

    20. New Edition's hit song "Candy Girl."

    21. Georgia, where peaches are grown.

    22. Drinking lemonade.

    23. Speaking reealllly slow.

    24. Liking both hip-hop AND rock 'n' roll.

    Jeff Daly / AP

    25. When a girl's father took off when she was very young.

    Chris Pizzello / AP

    26. A good man named Paul Revere.

    27. Girls who enjoy Fun Dip and Cherry Coke.

    28. Girls who laugh at your jokes.

    29. Shaking and wiggling to a hip-hop song.

    30. Stealing your honey.

    31. Stealing your bike.

    32. Boogaloo.

    33. Shrimp.

    34. Pogo sticks.

    35. My man, Mr. Limpet.

    36. The Color Purple. (Or the color, purple.)

    37. Macaroni and cheese.

    38. Ruby red slippers.

    39. A bunch of trees.

    40. Kevin Bacon...

    Michael Loccisano / WireImage / Getty Images

    ...but NOT in Footloose.