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This Awkward Small-Talk Quiz Will Reveal Your Introvert Type

Recent research suggests that there are four basic types of introversion. Let's find out which type is closest to your personality.

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  1. Discussion of recent weather, and how it may or may not be a sign of global warming.
    "Did you do anything fun this weekend?"
    "So, what are you doing for the holidays?"
    Details of someone else's exercise regimen.
  2. When are you going to have kids?
    Details about symptoms of an illness, real or imagined.
    Discussion of some random thing you did when you were much, much younger.
    Opinions about the meal currently being eaten.
  3. "So, what do you do for a living?"
    Detailed discussion of their complete itinerary upon arriving at their destination.
    "How's (place where you live)? Still expensive?"
    Not-so-brief synopsis of their life up until this very moment.
  4. Comparing notes on the details of your daily commute.
    Discussion about something their kid is doing.
    "How's it going with [super-specific work thing that makes you nervous]?"
    "So, uh, did you see the game?" (You did not see the game.)
  5. "So...are you seeing anyone?"
    "Do you still hang out with (person you have not hung out in a year or two)?"
    Why they gave up gluten and why you should too — they've never felt better!
    The relative size and price of homes, especially apartments in the city.
  6. Discussion of where you currently live and what you do for a living, with a not-so-subtle implication that they think your entire life is total bullshit.
    "Hey, remember when..."
    Details about some event they're planning, and how you should totally come back around for it.
    Discussion about what people from high school are doing now.
  7. Their negative and condescending thoughts about some cultural thing you love.
    Why you need to be watching some TV show you have never seen, and it's been on for at least six seasons.
    An in-depth discussion of the complex social dynamics of their workplace.
    A long debate comparing the relative merits of New York City and Los Angeles.
  8. "So, uh, what have you been up to lately?" — and it's obvious this person HATES you.
    A reminiscence about something you did together back when you were with your ex, but with both of you straining not to mention your ex by name.
    A series of questions clearly designed to pump you for details about your life right now, which they will immediately report back to your ex.
    A casual chat in which you learn all about your ex's happy new life with their spouse or whatever.
  9. A discussion about why they feel so impatient waiting in this line, with them growing more restless and agitated as time goes by.
    Comparing notes on your strategies for arriving at places and getting in lines. (You don't really have one, but they do and it's very complicated.)
    Discussion about their pet, complete with details about their pet's recent illness.
    A weirdly contentious chat about traffic, and the correct directions from one place to another.

This Awkward Small-Talk Quiz Will Reveal Your Introvert Type

You got: Reserved Introvert

You’re not shy or averse to spending time with people, but you strongly prefer a slower-paced lifestyle and often lack the energy to keep up with classic extroverts. You’re not especially talkative, and you prefer to carefully think out what you want to say before you speak.

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You got: Thinking Introvert

You don’t hate socializing, and often enjoy the company of other people. You are, however, extremely introspective and imaginative, and get lost in your thoughts rather easily.

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You got: Anxious Introvert

You tend to gravitate to solitary activities or small groups of people because you feel anxious and awkward in many social settings. You tend to dwell on past mistakes and talk yourself out of doing things.

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You got: Social Introvert

You tend to prefer solitude, or keeping your social contact limited to one-on-one interactions or small groups. You’re not shy, per se, but strongly prefer to be on your own.

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