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7 Reasons Rey Is Definitely Luke Skywalker's Daughter

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

1. Rey’s life on Jakku is an intentional echo of Anakin and Luke’s childhoods on Tatooine.

One of the central motifs of Star Wars is that the hero is a poor nobody from the middle of nowhere who discovers they’re meant for bigger things. Rey’s life as an abandoned child left to fend for herself as a scavenger is the midpoint between Anakin’s miserable childhood as a slave and Luke’s dull life working on his uncle’s moisture farm. Jakku may not be Tatooine, but it's the same look and conceit. (And besides, at this point in time, space hipsters have probably gentrified Tatooine.)

2. Rey’s natural aptitude for technology and flying ships is a callback to Anakin and Luke’s talents.

3. Rey’s belief that Luke Skywalker is just a myth is dramatic irony.

4. Luke’s lightsaber calls out to Rey specifically.

5. There is an allusion to Excalibur in Rey and Kylo Ren’s duel at the end of the movie.

6. Rey being the daughter of Luke and Kylo Ren being the son of Leia makes the trilogy a story about the legacy of the Skywalker family.

Lucasfilm has been emphasizing that the key difference between the main Star Wars episodes and the forthcoming anthology films is that the saga pictures are the story of the Skywalker family. This trilogy is the third part of a cycle – we’ve had the tragedy of Anakin, and the heroic tale of Luke. This new story is essentially a generational referendum on whether the future of the Skywalker family belongs to the light or dark side of the Force, or maybe something else entirely.

On a structural level, this new trilogy is built so one of the three original protagonists is featured in each of the films – Han Solo in The Force Awakens, Luke Skywalker in the next movie, and Leia in the third, as she will inevitably need to confront her son. This sets up the third movie in this series – and potentially the last of the saga films – to be a pronounced shift away from the patriarchal history of the Jedi towards a matriarchal order built around Rey, Leia, and perhaps also Maz Kanata and whoever Rey’s mother could be. The original trilogy was very much about fathers and sons, and that’s echoed in the drama between Han Solo and Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. But maybe this is all driving towards a conclusion where the future of the Skywalker clan belongs to the daughters and mothers.

7. The filmmakers are intentionally mirroring beats from the original trilogy and will not be able to resist echoing the most famous moment of The Empire Strikes Back.