Can You Tell Which Ridiculous Character Names Are Real?

Would a respected action star ever play a dude named Dink Heimowitz? You may be surprised.

  1. 1. Did Arnold Schwarzenegger actually play a dude called Gordy Brewer?
    Scott Barbour / Getty Images
    1. Yes, he did.
    2. No, he didn’t.
  2. 2. Has Ryan Gosling ever played a man called Shred Wooster?
    The Associated Press / AP
    1. Yes, of course.
    2. No, he would never do that.
  3. 3. Was Mark Wahlberg in a movie where he played someone named Bob Lee Swagger?
    1. Yes, definitely.
    2. No, that is such a dumb name.
  4. 4. Has Ben Affleck ever portrayed a man called Ollie Trinke?
    John Shearer / AP
    1. Yes, why not?
    2. No. No, no, no.
  5. 5. Has Michael Fassbender ever played someone named Holger Von Kleinschmidt?
    1. Yes, that seems reasonable.
    2. No, that’s a bit *too* German.
  6. 6. Has Bruce Willis played a character named Dink Heimowitz?
    Michaela Rehle / Reuters
    1. Yes, because why would he not?
    2. No, because that name is a little too…dinky for a guy like Bruce Willis.
  7. 7. Did Samuel L. Jackson ever play someone called Zeus Carver?
    Mike Marsland / WireImage / Getty Images
    1. Sure.
    2. Nah.
  8. 8. Has Benicio Del Toro played a man named Ronaldo Jimjackery?
    Chris Pizzello / AP
    1. Yeah, and it was weird.
    2. No, that is too weird.
  9. 9. Has Matt Damon starred in a movie as a man named Edgar Pudwhacker?
    Lee Jin-man / AP
    1. Yes, and what’s wrong with that?
    2. No, shut up, that name is too stupid.
  10. 10. Has Denzel Washington ever been in a movie as a dude called Brock Puehck?
    Chris Pizzello / AP
    1. Yeah, and he was awesome.
    2. No, get real, that never happened.
  11. 11. Did John Cusack ever star in a movie as Hoops McCann?
    Brian Kersey / Getty Images
    1. Yeah, probably.
    2. No, he doesn’t seem like a guy who is good at basketball.
  12. 12. Did Harrison Ford ever play a guy named Woodrow Dolarhyde?
    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters
    1. Yes, but probably later in his career when people weren’t paying much attention.
    2. No, he only plays guys with cool names like Han Solo and Indiana Jones.
  13. 13. Has Benedict Cumberbatch played a dude named Sir Nigel Tiddlywinks?
    Fred Thornhill / Reuters
    1. Yes, because he is British.
    2. No, because noooooooo.

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