Plan Out A Saturday And We’ll Guess Your Age

In this scenario, you have the day off from work. What are you gonna do?

    1. 6:00 a.m.
    2. 7:00 a.m.
    3. 8:00 a.m.
    4. 9:00 a.m.
    5. 10:00 a.m.
    6. 11:00 a.m.
    7. 12:00 p.m.
    8. 1:00 p.m. (Jeez, really? OK)
    1. Go for a run or hit the gym
    2. Drink some freshly brewed coffee
    3. Drink some freshly brewed ayahuasca
    4. Fix yourself a nice little breakfast
    5. Masturbate or have sex
    6. Go right back to sleep
    7. Take a shower and get dressed
    1. Catch up on news, social media, etc.
    2. Eat something
    3. Watch some TV
    4. Get started on some errands
    5. Go to the bathroom
    6. Ah, time for a nice cup of ayahuasca!
    7. Get some more sleep
    8. Get some excercise
    1. Time to do some chores and run some errands
    3. Gonna go shopping
    4. Go to a local park, get some fresh air
    5. Watch some TV
    6. Go to the bathroom
    7. Time for some drugs!
    8. Go back to sleep
    9. Eat something
    1. Just kinda hang out for a while
    2. Kinda hungry, time for some lunch
    3. Head to the airport, get on the next open flight to anywhere at all
    4. Relax with a nice tall glass of ayahuasca
    5. Watch some TV
    6. Get some excercise
    7. Go to the bathroom
    8. Masturbate or have sex
    9. Go back to sleep
    1. Meet up with friends
    2. Time to do some chores and errands
    3. Gotta get some excercise!
    4. Go to the bathroom
    5. Just kinda chill out on social media for a while
    6. Watch some TV
    7. Go out shopping
    8. Drugs time!
    9. Get some sleep
    10. Masturbate or have sex
    1. Snack time!
    2. Just sit and think about your life for a while, thinking mostly about your regrets and mistakes
    3. Watch some TV
    4. Find a nice spot outdoors to sit down and sip a nice hot cup of ayahuasca
    5. Slam-dunk a basketball just to prove that you can
    6. Get some errands done before moving on to some chores
    7. Impulsively destroy everything you own, head out of town with a new assumed identity, and vow to never return
    8. Go to the bathroom
    9. Go back to sleep
    1. Eat something
    2. Go to a spa
    3. Go buy yourself something nice
    4. Find a place where you’re reasonably sure no one will see or hear you and just SCREAM until you’ve exhausted your anxiety and rage for the moment
    5. Go to the bathroom
    6. Time for some drugs!
    7. Go do something fun with your friends
    8. Prepare yourself for the night’s festivities
    9. Go back to sleep
    1. Go to THE CLUB
    2. Stay in, binge-watch some TV or maybe read a book
    3. Go to a party
    4. Go out to a show or a movie
    5. Drive aimlessly until you get bored and head back home
    6. Meet up with some friends for dinner or a drink
    7. Go out on a date with someone new, hopefully hook up
    8. Can’t do anything, I have some responsibility or obligation to handle
    9. Go to sleep early
    10. Oh, you know, general mischief
    11. Sit on a wharf and gaze out into the middle distance while contemplating your life up until this point
    1. Find someone sexy, try to seduce them
    3. Go to the bathroom
    4. Just enjoy the moment, y’know?
    5. Get into a fight with someone for no reason
    6. Dance! Dance!
    7. Cry
    8. KARAOKE TIME!!!
    9. Go to sleep
    10. Time to hit a sex club!
    1. Hook up with someone
    2. Just keep partying deep into the wee hours of the morning, wake up the next day nude on the bathroom floor of a Gymboree
    3. Go home at a reasonable hour and go to bed
    4. Fall asleep while watching TV
    5. Still in the bathroom
    6. Go to sleep in a motel in some strange town, plotting the beginning of your new life
    7. Stay out late, have a nice — if uneventful — evening
    8. Masturbate or have sex, nod off shortly after the act
    9. It already ended a while ago, you’ve been asleep for hours

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