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People Are Confessing The Most Sexually Tense Situations, And I’d Love To Know Where You Stand On Them

"He did it so gently, and I didn’t know what to do with myself."

There's been tense moments in my life with someone else where I thought to myself, "Bro, are we about to kiss?" I was re-haunted by these missed connections when u/skyl3rw3st asked other horny humans, "Which situation will always create high sexual tension?"

So many of them got me shifting uncomfortably in my desk chair. And now, I'm curious how many of y'all would also be turned on by these scenarios that stood out to me:

1. "Being the last two people at work. It's quiet. It's private. Neither of you are speaking because you're concentrating or trying to let the other person concentrate. So, of course, your imagination picks this time to revert to maximum creativity and sexual fantasy despite you trying to suppress it."

Zoey Deutch as Harper and Glen Powell as Charlie in "Set It Up"

2. "Night swimming. If you ever get invited for a swim at night, you’re in for a hell of a time."

3. "Being around the same age as someone on an airplane."

Valerie Chow as an airplane hostess enjoys her hook-up playing with a toy plane on her naked back

4. "When you hang out in a group get-together all day and everything dies down until it's just the two of you talking in the middle of the night."

5. "Before we started dating, my boyfriend noticed I had freckles on my face and asked if he could pull off my glasses to see them better. He did it so gently, and I didn’t know what to do with myself."

6. "Accidental touching, but neither of you move. Like when you're in the back seat of a car and your thighs touch. Or your legs touch under a table."

7. "When you're young: 'My parents are gone for the weekend.' When you're a young adult: 'My roommate's gone for the weekend.' And when you're middle-aged: 'The kids are gone for the weekend...'"

Couple toasting with wine at a counter

8. "When I was in college, a group of friends and I were walking around campus. Some of us were on skateboards. I tried to impress one of the girls, and ate crap riding down this steep short hill. I scraped my arm pretty bad. The girl I was trying to impress took me to her dorm where she had a first aid kit. She sanitized, washed, applied Neosporin, and bandaged me up. Damn...that tension was strong."

Two characters' hands touching as one nurses the other back to health

9. "Looking someone dead in the eye and saying ‘make me.’"

10. "Being in a small, dark, enclosed space with someone else. 'Hide and seek' as a tween was an informative experience for me, even though nothing actually happened."

11. "Getting caught out and totally rain-soaked together. Even more tense: Having to go dry off and warm up after."

12. "When you're sitting in the passenger seat of their car and they put their hand behind your seat to look behind them as they back out."

13. "In college, I got a pretty 'meh' haircut and was lamenting about it to a group of friends. One girl chimed in that she could fix it for me and she had all the tools in her room to do it. We went back to her dorm room, and she slowly spent a lot of time snipping little bits of my hair, moving around me, and we made a fuck ton of eye contact while she checked it from every angle. She'd get in close to check things, and I could feel her breath on my neck, or she'd run her fingers through my hair and across my scalp to pull some up to be trimmed. The tension was so thick I could barely breathe. And she did a great job on my hair."

14. "Being stuck in an elevator with someone who you have major chemistry with."

15. "Multiple instances of 'accidental' eye contact."

Two students lock eyes in the hallway on the way to class

16. "Someone deciding to sit in the seat right next to you, even though there are tons of other empty seats. That's how I met my partner. We were with a group of mutual friends and talked a little in line. When we got in the theater, I was tasked with holding a row of seats — he sat right beside me. The whole movie, we made little whispered jokes and there was like static energy between us."

17. "I attended a painting party at a girl's house one summer that turned into a paint fight. That was a pretty sexy time."

18. "Making a well-timed smart-ass comment quietly in a group, and one person catches you, quickly makes eye contact, and smiles a cheeky smile."

19. "When you're late to the bus and your driver is sympathetic to wait for you, but the only empty seat on the bus is next to your high school crush."