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    • pennyb5

      I didn’t believe in the cut off. I stayed friends with my ex for about a year. He was blocked from my mini feeds( no girl wants to see pictures of the girl he cheated on you with plastered all over your feed every time you sign on, especially while heart broken), but for some reason i felt as an delete was low and not my style.  A year after the break up, i was doing a facebook clean out, and i deleted him without thinking twice. A year is a long time, and i felt as if i had grown a lot in a year, and was a seeming different person and i was fairly sure sure he was too. The truth is i didnt even know him at that point and while i cherish the memories && lessons, its part of my past and my life was sprinting forward. it just wasn’t important to me to be friends with him anymore.  each person views things different. just do whats best for you.

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