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23 Wedding Details That Are A Little Bit Extra And A Lot Brilliant

In case you didn't know, a "budtender" is now a thing.

1. Shots before the ceremony instead of champagne.

Etsy / Via

2. Tracking your RSVPs with a black light pen.

Amazon / Via

Is this a wedding or the intro to a James Bond movie??

Keep track of your RSVP cards using an invisible ink pen that's only visible with a black light. When people forget to write their names on the RSVP cards, you'll now know who it belongs to!

Black light pens (whodathunk these even existed??) cost $6.25 from Amazon for a set of three in assorted colors.

3. Mini tissue boxes.

Something Turquoise / Via

Get the DIY here.

4. Having a "budtender."

Offbeat Bride / Via

A fantastic reason to have a destination wedding in Colorado or Oregon.

5. A pearly manicure.

6. Matching jean jackets for the reception.

7. Putting your dog in a matching tuxedo.

Etsy / Via

They start at $145 from Etsy.

8. Pretzel bars.

Etsy / Via

9. Fresh leaves as seating cards.

Etsy / Via

Read up on how to store fresh leaves.

10. Leaves for throwing instead of rice.

Etsy / Via

The stickers are available from Etsy for $6.34 for a set of 24.

11. Distributing sage or smudge sticks to eradicate any bad vibes.

Etsy / Via

Don't need those on my wedding day!

These are from Etsy for $6.75 apiece.

12. Distributing customized handy wipes to eradicate messy eating.

Etsy / Via

13. Splurging on a statement back necklace instead of a dress with a lot of decorative detail.

Amy O Bridal / Via

This one costs $195 from Amy O Bridal.

14. An ankle corsage.

15. Glow-in-the-dark cornhole, especially for a nighttime wedding.

Bar Chefs / Via

This set is $685, but you could also DIY with glow-in-the-dark paint.

16. Mismatched thrift store glasses.

Offbeat Bride / Via

17. A secret message under the bride's shoe.

The pretty calligraphy is a nice touch, too.

18. A simple bow on a simple cake.

19. Candles at dusk.

Offbeat Bride / Via

You gotta see the pics from this epic Halloween-themed wedding.

20. A wheelbarrow full of seed packets as a parting wedding favor.

21. Tambourines instead of bouquets.

22. Simple gold hoops instead of bouquets.

Donny Tidmore / Via

23. A clear acrylic signing board instead of a guest book.

Etsy / Via

Put it on a stand for a displayable time capsule that'll last a lifetime.

This one costs $30 from Etsy.