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Top 11 Furry Convention Moments

Yeah, it's Fourth of July. But did you know that the biggest Furry Convention in the world is also going on this weekend? Yes, Anderson Cooper brought it to my attention. I really wish I could go this year, but instead I'm in Denmark, the country with supposedly the highest population of happy people (ugh).

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  • Furry Parade

    This is a good overview of all the different kinds of creatures you'd see at Anthrocon. I kind of think wearing jeans is cheating, though.

  • Gaysted Furries

    Watch bro furries fall into a k-hole...or...some other kind of hole.

  • Eurotrash Furries

    God, I wish this was one of our music videos.

  • Bridget, Famous Girl Furry

    This video is pretty boring, but look how thin her legs are! Total furry thinspo.

  • Fursuit Meet and Greet

    Furries dancing awkwardly to...Stone Temple Pilots?? I wish my friends enjoyed dancing to awesome alternative grunge hits as much as these furry people.

  • Furries Perform "Greased Lightning"

    Big bears wearing leather vests? Kinda gay, but kinda hot.

  • Furry Dodgeball

    I would have liked PE if I had gotten to wear a furry suit instead of dumb athletic shorts.

  • Breakdancing Furries

    This is so dope.

  • Busty Cat Dancing to "My Humps"

    Too sexy for my shirt.

  • Furries in an Escalade

    I wish this were my prom.

  • The Cutest Fursuits in the World

    This one's just straight up bizarre.