• Furry Parade

    This is a good overview of all the different kinds of creatures you’d see at Anthrocon. I kind of think wearing jeans is cheating, though.

  • Gaysted Furries

    Watch bro furries fall into a k-hole…or…some other kind of hole.

  • Eurotrash Furries

    God, I wish this was one of our music videos.

  • Bridget, Famous Girl Furry

    This video is pretty boring, but look how thin her legs are! Total furry thinspo.

  • Fursuit Meet and Greet

    Furries dancing awkwardly to…Stone Temple Pilots?? I wish my friends enjoyed dancing to awesome alternative grunge hits as much as these furry people.

  • Furries Perform “Greased Lightning”

    Big bears wearing leather vests? Kinda gay, but kinda hot.

  • Furry Dodgeball

    I would have liked PE if I had gotten to wear a furry suit instead of dumb athletic shorts.

  • Breakdancing Furries

    This is so dope.

  • Busty Cat Dancing to “My Humps”

    Too sexy for my shirt.

  • Furries in an Escalade

    I wish this were my prom.

  • The Cutest Fursuits in the World

    This one’s just straight up bizarre.