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26 Intense Photos Of The Gas Attack On A Furry Convention

Photographer Nikki Loehr provides a first-hand look into the gas attack that occurred at the 15th Annual Midwest Furfest.

Police Shut Down Furry BBQ Due To Yiffing

A furry event in West Windsor, NJ was canceled due to "inappropriate behavior". Oh my.

Coolest Furry/Brony Dad Ever

At Bronycon this weekend, I recognized two familiar faces and a distinctive dino suit. Indeed, this same father son duo were at the furry convention I attended just 2 weeks before.

Are Furries Really So Bad?

I hung out with furries for 3 days straight. I kind of loved it.

This Is What A Furry Rave Looks Like

Furries are party animals. Here's what went down this weekend at Anthrocon.

32 Hottest Fashion Trends Spotted At A Furry Convention

Here are the latest fashion trends from Anthrocon 2012. You didn't think simply a fursuit was enough, did you?

Furries Breakdancing

They have much better moves than I ever will.

37 Masterpieces Of Furry Fan Art

When not dressed in fursuits, furries appreciate the finer things in life, like art.

The Furry Lexicon

Furries are just like scientologists or doctors -- they use a bunch of weird terms they made up. Here's your pocket furry dictionary:

What Is A Furry?

This weekend, BuzzFeed will be heading to Anthrocon, the largest furry convention in the U.S. For those who aren't familiar with the furry lifestyle, here's a primer.

Furry Tauntaun Costume

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside. DeviantArt user and self-described "animal mortician" Zhon made this super-creepy tauntaun costume.

Prancer IRL

Santa had one particularly flamboyant reindeer.

Barbie Furries

For just $200, this "one of a kind" art can be yours. Go here for some NSFW shots. I dare you. (Via Crappy Taxidermy)

Top 11 Furry Convention Moments

Yeah, it's Fourth of July. But did you know that the biggest Furry Convention in the world is also going on this weekend? Yes, Anderson Cooper brought it to my attention. I really wish I could go this year, but instead I'm in Denmark, the country with supposedly the highest population of happy people (ugh).

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