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Posted on Aug 14, 2012

Have Male Enhancing Body Garments Finally Hit The Mainstream? [NSFW]

Remember a time when mirdles, Manx, and butt pads were simply a lifestyle story that no one actually took seriously? No longer a niche item, they are now sold on major websites and retail stores at reasonable prices. Here are 14 ways to jazz up your junk.

1. Junk Jeans

These jeans are made by a company called Hot Child. They come with a codpiece that is supposed to enhance the curves of your bulge as well as eliminate scrunching bunching dick discomfort. Check out their website for more information on their upcoming launch and read an interview with the founder at Fashionista.

2. The Male Girdle, $36.99

This item has 4 stars on Amazon!

According to Amazon reviewer Robert, "It is not detectable, at first it is firm, then comfortable and then I forget that I have it on....I am not at all self conscious - I look great, my clothes fit well and no on knows that I wear a foundation garment. I've had a number of compliments and would not go without my girdle." His one caveat: it's "difficult to put on after a shower."

3. The Compression Tank, $19.99

Also has a 4-star rating from It's like a Spanx wifebeater. Great for MOOBS!

Amazon reviewer Thomas Thomas comments: "This was exactly what I wanted. It was tight but not too tight (I ordered a size larger to ensure that it was not too snug). All I wanted was just a little flattening around the nipples, and the shirt delivered, and it does not cling to your clothes like cotton does either!"

4. Underworks Belly Buster

I included this as a cautionary tale! Love handles become armpit handles in this unfortunate photo of mirdle spillage.

5. The Butt Enhancing Boxer Brief, $48

It's really important that you see the back side, too....

Oh, hell yes.

Get it from

6. The "Original" Ball Lifter®

From the description: "A soft cloth elastic band rests under your balls, lifting them up and forward giving you a fuller package. The best part is it's all you!" This is like the male equivalent of a push-up balconette bra.

They cost between $18-20. (Link is NSFW!!)

Check out the before and after.

7. Ball-Lifting Swimwear

They also make a line of bikini swimwear with patented Ball-Lifter® technology.

8. California Muscle's C-Ring Technology Bodyjocks and Swimsuits

A company called California Muscle makes a similar product with variations on the C-Ring technology.

Here's a selection of their Bodyjocks.

9. Above-the-Knee Slimming Unitard, $109

Is it worth $109 to look this good?? Get it from Amazon.

10. Get Virtual Booty-Enhancing for Your Sims Game

Maybe you already have a giant ass and would like a better representation in your virtual life.

11. Butt Pads from Bottoms Up

They come in various degrees of padding. Get them from a Canadian company called Bottoms Up.

12. Bodymax Enhancing Underwear, Now Sold at M&S Department Stores

You know male shapers have hit the big time when they're actually being sold in a respectable British department store.

13. High-Waisted Control Briefs by ASDA, £10.00

These would serve well to actually HIDE the intrusive bulging of a magnum-sized package.

Check out ASDA's entire line of body garments.

14. Mantyhose

Mantyhose's mission statement: "We believe that although pantyhose on men are still an unusual look, wearing them is great way to decorate the male legs, to provide warmth, comfort and additional performance." Seriously, how else are men supposed to wear shorts in the winter??

You can get male pantyhose at various retail stores.

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