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16 Awesome Hidden Gems You Must Experience At Disneyland

Don't do Disneyland like a regular old tourist. The magic is in the details.

Sleeping Beauty's castle via Flickr | Evil Queen via Flickr | Teacup via Flickr | Lily Belle train car via Disboards.

According to this thread on Quora, there are some hidden secrets you should look out for on your next trip to Disneyland.

1. Look for Walt Disney's light at the Main Street firehouse — the light that never goes out.

"Walt Disney had an apartment above the Main Street fire house which he used with his family regularly. After his death, the light in the window which used to signal his presence in the park was, and still is, left on at all times." It is completely unchanged from the time Walt and his family lived there.

(source: Quora)

2. Ask for the special tender seat on the Disneyland railroad.

Approach the conductor at Main Street Station and ask if you can ride it. Once the next train comes, you'll be escorted past security to the front of the tender where there is a special (albeit small) seat for two.

3. Go see the park bench where Walt Disney originally conceived of the idea of Disneyland.

In the foyer of "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln," there is a park bench where Walt came up with the idea while watching his daughters play. This is the Griffith Park bench, and nearby is one of the actual carousel horses that his daughters used to ride.

4. If you ask nicely, you can ask to pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat.

You'll be directed to the wheelhouse, where you'll be allowed to steer the boat (which is on a track) and blow the whistle. You'll even get a special certificate afterwards.

(source: Quora)

5. When the park first opens, go to the Main Street Station and ask for a reservation to ride in the Lilly Belle train car.

"This train car is named after Walt's wife, who helped design it. It is lavishly decorated." Can you believe they'd let a schmuck like you ride Lilly Belle's train car??

(source: Quora)

6. Ride in the purple teacup in the Mad Hatter ride — it spins the fastest.

If you want to get extra dizzy.

7. If you try on a hat in the Mad Hatter gift shop, you might glimpse the Cheshire Cat in the mirror.

8. Look out for Walt and Roy Disney's initials, which are formed in the wrought-iron railing above the queue to the Pirates of the Caribbean.

9. For the adventure-seekers: Employ "the Goat Trick" for an extra-thrilling ride on Big Mountain. / Via

Once you get to the second hill (the one with the snakes), start looking for the Billy Goat, who should be raised up on your right. Stare the goat down and don't take your eyes off of him. You'll experience a dizzy, disorienting feeling that will make the ride even more exciting.

10. There are two fun interactive things you should do at Indiana Jones.

1) Do the opposite of what the sign says and pull the bamboo pole. There will be a loud booming noise and it will seem as though the ceiling is caving in.

2) Do the opposite of what the sign says and pull the rope. It makes an unseen worker "fall" and voices will cry out from the well.

11. For a cool souvenir, ask for a death certificate when you enter the Haunted Mansion.

"Ask the host/hostess when you enter the foyer, and if you're lucky they'll tell you to come back to the front of the HM after your ride and they'll have 'em there waiting for you."

(source: Quora)

12. Listen for the hidden sounds.

• On the right side of Main Street, go into the alley where the ice cream stand is, and if you listen carefully, you can hear such conversation as a dentist drilling his patient.

• You can hear a voice paging an "Egroeg Sacul" in the queue for Star Tours, which is George Lucas spelled backwards.

• You can hear a voodoo lady above the restrooms that are near the New Orleans Square train station.

• Near the New Orleans train station, you can also hear the dot-dash-dot of a telegraph relaying in Morse code the opening lines of Disney's speech at opening day of Disneyland. (source)

13. When you're getting off the Jungle Cruise, ask a cast member for a free map.

It makes a great keepsake for a child.

14. If you touch the apple at Snow White's Scary Adventures, the queen will laugh maniacally.

15. In one of the buildings in Fantasyland above the Snow White attraction, the Evil Queen appears in a window for only a few seconds every few minutes.

16. Creepy fact: There's just one real human skull left at Pirates of the Carribean.

When it first opened, there were human skeletons galore. Now, there's only one remnant left of human remains — the skull and crossbones located over the bed in the Captain's Quarters.