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    50 Tiny And Adorable DIY Stocking Stuffers

    There's only so much you can fit into one stocking. You could also give many of these as party favors or use them as advent calendar gifts.

    1. Cute Charms Attached to Tea Bags

    2. Solid Perfume Pocket Watch Locket

    Get the full DIY here.

    3. DIY Yarn Ball Bookmarks

    4. Peppermint Sugar Cookies

    Get the recipe here.

    5. DIY Mini Origami Notebooks

    Get the tutorial here.

    6. Handmade Peppermint Soap

    Get the tutorial here.

    7. Pretty Recipe Cards

    Get the instructions here.

    8. Friendship Bracelets

    Get the directions here.

    9. Mango Lip Balm Decorated with Washi Tape

    Get the instructions here.

    And here's a recipe for pumpkin spice lip gloss.

    10. Garden Markers with a Packets of Seeds

    Learn how to make these here.

    11. Little Clay House Potters for Succulents

    Get the tutorial here.

    12. Homemade Bath Scrubs

    Get the recipes for holiday flavors like s'mores, caramel frappe, and peppermint.

    13. Super Easy Earrings Made of Paper Clips and String

    Get the full tutorial here.

    14. Set of Polka Dot Pencils

    Get the tutorial here.

    15. Tiny Pastry Erasers

    Apparently, there's kind of moldable clay that comes in "eraser version." Get the tutorial here.

    16. Gold Leaf Honey Bears

    Fill with candy or whatever other tiny goodies you can think of. Get the tutorial here.

    17. Pom-Pom Keychain or Purse Charm

    Get the tutorial here. Purse poms are a TREND, according to Chanel.

    18. Tiny Easel and Canvas Set

    Get the tutorial here.

    19. Moustache and Lip Lollipops

    20. Neon Clay Rings and Hair Pins

    Get the directions here.

    21. Pixel Coasters Using Hama Beads

    22. Gold Leather Feather Headband

    Get the directions here.

    You can also use it as a bookmark.

    23. Polaroid Necklace

    Get the tutorial here.

    24. Vials of Candy Cane Bath Salts

    25. Glitter Candle Tins

    Get the directions here.

    26. Homemade Caramels Wrapped with Washi Tape

    Get a peppermint caramels here and an apple cider caramels recipe here.

    27. Pie Chart Pendants Made Entirely out of Paper

    Get the tutorial here.

    28. Animal Keychains

    Get the tutorial here.

    29. Felt Sleep Mask

    Get the tutorial here.

    30. Felt Heart Handwarmers

    Get the directions here.

    31. Gold Leaf Polymer Clay Disco Ball Pendant

    Learn how to make this necklace here.

    32. Arrow Hair Clips

    Get the tutorial here.

    33. Origami Business Card Holder

    Get the origami instructions here. You can also make a fabric version.

    34. Cord Bracelets

    Get the full tutorial here.

    35. Chalkboard Necklace

    Get the instructions here.

    Here is a similar concept, in locket form.

    36. A Pair of Patterned Tights

    Get the instructions here.

    These DIY knee patch tights are adorable, too.

    37. Pantone Magnets

    Get the full DIY here.

    38. Homemade Perfume Oils

    Get the instructions here.

    39. Lavender Sachets Shaped Like Tea Bags

    Get the tutorial here.

    40. Money Folded into Origami Stars

    Get the instructions here.

    41. Freeze Pop Holders

    For the little ones. Get the directions here.

    42. Lego Soaps Made from Ice Cube Trays

    43. Reindeer Washcloth Filled with Bath Goodies

    Fill with bath fizzies, soaps, and vials of bubble bath. Get the tutorial on how to fold the reindeer washcloth.

    44. Package of Tiny Glitter Clothespins

    For extra cuteness, use tiny clothespins. Get the instructions here.

    45. Small Vials of Tiny Candy

    Fill with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Get the tutorial here. You can find the small bottles at a site called Tiny Things Are Cute.

    46. Bunny Hand Puppets

    Get the tutorial here.

    47. Jar of Mint and Honey Lip Scrub

    Get the directions here.

    48. Felt Hair Bow

    Get the full tutorial here.

    49. Heart-Shaped Paperclips

    50. Insanely Easy Elastic Hair Ties

    Get the tutorial here.

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