29 Photos Of Chanel’s Etsy-Victorian-Grunge Pre-Fall Fashion Show

Starring the fanciest, fiercest porta potty you’ve EVER SEEN.

1. The show took place in Scotland’s Linlithgow Palace.

It’s the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots. Apparently when Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, everyone’s favorite eccentric and the owner of a really beautiful cat named Choupette, told a reporter after the fashion show he had never been to Scotland or this castle before selecting it as the location of the show because, “I like how I think a place is. I don’t have to see what it actually is.”

This is fashion — “reality” is but a concept.

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2. Bagpipers serenaded the show.

Chanel likes to really THEME things out, as you can see. Apparently it was so cold during the nighttime show that it snowed, but Chanel kindly provided guests with blankets under the seats.

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3. Trashcans full of fire book-ended the spectacle.

Isn’t it lovely?

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4. Chanel also provided guests with some really gorgeous porta potties.

The London Times fashion team tweeted this photo from deep inside said porta potties.

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5. The show itself was very, I don’t know, Etsy?

There was a very mix-and-match, do-it-yourself flavor to it. Like stick extra safety pins here, wear all your plaid at once like you’re at a wool fair, glue fur to your shoes, etc.

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6. Before I get into fashion rules, I must note that if Chanel gets one thing, it’s that cherubic 4-year-old children look fabulous in kilts.

And grown men still look out of place in women’s jackets.

Now, rules time!

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7. Fashion Rule 1: Can’t decide between your sheer grandma sweater and plaid scarf?

Clashing will make you look runway-ready!

ID: 733167

8. Rule 2: Don’t forget the tiny purse for your chewing gum.

ID: 733171

9. Rule 2a: If you’re a man, rule 2 can evidently apply to you as well.

ID: 733176

10. Rule 3: Engorge your sleeves and add sparkles to the neckline for a look that says “evening glamour.”

ID: 733180

11. Rule 3a: Need to tone it down for daytime? Add flare with a crisp white pussy bow that appears to be on steroids.

ID: 733185

12. Rule 4: Wear as many scarves at a time as you possibly can.

ID: 733187

13. Rule 5: Make sure your colors are muted and dull at all times.

Winter is depressing and so you should look depressed.

ID: 733199

14. Rule 6: Try pairing your floral grandma sweater with leather pants.

It’s what all the cool grandmas do these days.

ID: 733192

15. Rule 7: If you’re a man, wear a plain white Hanes-style tee under approximately 28 knitted Chanel items.

ID: 733201

16. Rule 8: Stretch your olive argyle sweater to your ankles.

Leave enough room for the flood.

ID: 733204

17. Rule 9: Make sure your gloves are shinier than the jewelry in your conehead-shaped hair.

ID: 733207

18. Rule 10: If you leave the house and realize your purse doesn’t have any homemade-looking pom poms on it, go back inside and glue on some cat toys.

ID: 733210

19. Rule 11: Thick, plaid, wool bloomers do qualify as bottoms.

ID: 733212
ID: 733214

21. Rule 12: These sleeves.

ID: 733216

22. Rule 13: Even a great floor-length sheath with nice clean lines should be worn with a bunch of kitschy accessories.

ID: 733219

23. Rule 14: If your grandma sweater doesn’t show from within your dramatic coat, wear a big dramatic grandma scarf outside it.

ID: 733230

24. Rule 15: If you can’t afford Chanel, just get the same look at Anthropologie.

I mean.

ID: 733222
ID: 733163

26. Rule 16: Look like a bird.

ID: 733152

27. Rule 17: Make all your clothes out of blankets from someone’s country house.

ID: 733156

28. Rule 18: Hide nipping when it’s cold out with this frippery.

ID: 733159

29. Rule 19: Tie a belt around the bottom of your coat. Like a straight jacket.

Happy pre-fall 2013 everyone!

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