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15 Reasons We're All Going To Be Wearing Distressed Jeans In 2013

Then again, the world might also end. I'm not quite sure which fate is worse.

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3. Cut-offs were worn SO much in 2012, they're now off-limits.

Rihanna and every other Coachella groupie beat this look into the ground last year. As an alternative, you'll be relegated to jeans with giant holes in them. The "jean hole" tan will become a legitimate epidemic!


7. We forgot that Christina Aguilera used to look like this.

In the post-seapunk era of 2013, society's eyes thirst for a unique look. It seems so batsh*t insane that someone would have worn this to the VMAs (even in 2002) that it almost seems like a fresh perspective. Ahead of its time, if you will.


11. Hipsters love cultural slumming.

As early adopters, hipsters co-opt the exotic styles of the lower class, like poor Southern white people or authentic prostitutes from the 1980s. "Eurotrash" remains untapped, and therefore ripe to be plundered for all its dormant irony.

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