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15 Coachella Fashion Disasters

It turns out the state of festival style is actually worse than predicted. But with one more Coachella weekend to come, everyone still has a chance to redeem themselves.

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3. A fringed midriff-exposing tank top-making booth.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

This actually exists. But no matter how inspired you feel, don't channel your creativity into a slutty shirt.


11. Face paint as a means of bonding with your girlfriend.

Karl Walter / Getty Images

It's the new makeover! Hopefully no one broke it to them that Animal Collective actually played last year.


14. Trying to be avant-garde and futurist types with plastic wrapping.

These two festival-goers have bucked the whole neo-hippie trend and are totally ahead of their time. After consulting my Farmers' Almanac, I predict everyone will be wearing this in 2013.

15. David Hasselhoff as "Witchgaze."

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Sadly, there were no witch house bands performing this year, but the Hoff did a great job representing the genre.

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