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    15 Coachella Fashion Disasters

    It turns out the state of festival style is actually worse than predicted. But with one more Coachella weekend to come, everyone still has a chance to redeem themselves.

    1. See-through maxi dresses with the wrong underthings.

    2. Celebrities who can't move past 2007.

    3. A fringed midriff-exposing tank top-making booth.

    4. Nationalist propaganda.

    5. The belief that tall boots negate the need for pants.

    6. Treating crocheted tops as a form of "clothing."

    7. Thinking that being at a music festival makes you Native American.

    8. Using neon to show that you are a "party."

    9. Ghost boobs.

    10. Shoes worse than cowboy boots or Uggs.

    11. Face paint as a means of bonding with your girlfriend.

    12. Gauzy wraps as an attempt to become more bird-like.

    13. Showcasing your alternative bro-ness by wearing a dress.

    14. Trying to be avant-garde and futurist types with plastic wrapping.

    15. David Hasselhoff as "Witchgaze."