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11 Tired Hipster Fashion Trends That Are All Over Instagram

Instagram is like a giant lookbook of what the girls of "so four summers ago" are wearing these days. All the trends kind of blend into each other to form a general look that resembles a hobo stripper. (See under: Rihanna.)

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1. These Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

It's crazy that these have become so popular given that they are 6" high granny-goes-stripper shoes. They just look clunky and awkward, like a little kid trying to walk in mom's heels, which is NOT the "effortless cool" look that is really the goal here.


2. Studded Cut-Offs

If you want your studded shorts to stand out on the 'gram, make sure they're as deliberately distressed as possible. Thankfully, you don't have to do any work as there are racks and racks of these babies in the Urban Renewal section of your local Urban Outfitters.


4. Tights With Holes In Them

This screams, "I'm damaged inside." You might be looking at legs, but you're really looking into someone's heart, which is black and ripped to shreds. :(


Rihanna, the ultimate stripster who might be to blame for 99 percent of the above.

Rihanna's the queen of Instagram style, as her own stripclub photo on Instagram that has garnered over 40k likes proves. Her look can be accurately described as '90s-tumblr-meets-stripper, and she's not afraid to incorporate three or more of the above trends in a single outfit.


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