11 Tired Hipster Fashion Trends That Are All Over Instagram

    Instagram is like a giant lookbook of what the girls of "so four summers ago" are wearing these days. All the trends kind of blend into each other to form a general look that resembles a hobo stripper. (See under: Rihanna.)

    1. These Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

    2. Studded Cut-Offs

    3. Anything Shredded

    4. Tights With Holes In Them

    5. American Flag Print

    6. Skulls

    7. This Shirt

    8. Wearing More Than One Cross At The Same Time

    9. Thigh Highs

    10. Ombre Hair

    11. Suspender Tights

    Rihanna, the ultimate stripster who might be to blame for 99 percent of the above.