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    19 Tweets Anyone Who Grew Up In A Haitian Family Can Relate To

    "...When you have a 10 pound sack of rice sitting in your kitchen."

    1. When you wake up to this on Sunday morning:

    2. When biting into one of these ruined a perfectly good Haitian meal:

    3. When the parting gifts for EVERYONE are bottles of cremas:

    4. When you have that obligatory bottle of pikliz at your crib:

    5. When you start to puff your chest out and your parents deflate it immediately:

    6. When your mom always needs to tell you about a dream she had around the same time you're about to go out:

    7. When there's only one car brand your fam trusts:

    8. When you're done meeting all the adults:

    9. When you have to warn your friends on what to do and what not to do around your parents:

    10. When the chicken bones are just as vital as the meat in a meal:

    11. When staying in during the summertime is hell:

    12. When rice is part of every meal:

    13. When every cereal is called Cornflakes:

    14. When you're at a party and they start playing some classic Kompa:

    Twitter: @1similac / Via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

    15. When the adults start gettin' nasty dancing to Alan Cavé:

    16. When the only way to greet your family is by kissing them on the cheek:

    17. The reason you had tough knees growing up:

    18. When Carnation Evaporated milk is a perfect substitute for milk:

    19. Finally, when your parents are fed up and need you to step off:

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