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Literally Just 17 Hilarious Tweets From People That'll Make You Pee Your Pants

Comedic geniuses.

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1. The secret to why Legos always end up underneath your feet:

What #legos do when we aren't looking.

2. This hilarious take on leftovers:

when the nap so good you have to save it for later

3. This mirror into what you and your S.O. look like when you both are being petty:

When you and your girl arguing and you're both wrong so you start mocking each other

4. These two friends who are completely loyal to each other:


5. This attempt at solving the puzzle on Wheel Of Fortune:

6. This reveal of Bob's Burgers new management:

8. This simple, yet perfect phone pun:


9. THIS unfortunate placement of World Book encyclopedias:

PSA for librarians: occasionally check how the World Book encyclopedia is arranged on your shelves

10. This observation of the Candyland game cover:


11. These potential hecklers:

poet: knick knack.. paddy whack.. me: this guy is awful my dog: i know right poet: ..give the dog a bone my dog: actually lets hear him out

12. This small detail that changes EVERYTHING:

if u put a parental advisory warning on any picture of ruth bader ginsburg it immediately becomes a hard ass mixtap…


13. This example of hard work truly paying off:

Been through a lot to get it! Took some time but I finally was able to buy a breakfast sandwich frm Dunkin' donuts

14. This accurate tweet about fashion trends at concerts:

white males deciding outfits for concerts

17. Finally, this tweet that perfectly sums up your end-of-day routine:

Me looking at my own snapchat stories, selfies and tweets after a long day, just reflecting on how great I am.