Literally Just 14 Hilarious Tweets About Checking WebMD For Symptoms

    You will die.

    1. Shoutout to WebMD for striking fear in all our hearts.

    2. Because checking WebMD can sometimes make you want to start writing your will.

    3. It's like having that one friend that always jumps to the worst possible conclusions.

    When you cough twice and have a sore throat so you check webMD and it says you're adopted

    4. According to its symptom checker you have everything under the sun.

    Me: *googles symptoms* WebMD: you got cancer, endometriosis, celiac disease, appendicitis, PID, IBS, ulcers, herni…

    5. Sometimes it's SO outlandish you can't allow yourself to take it too seriously.

    Me: I have a cough WebMD: cancer Me: but WebMD: it's a boy

    6. So you might have a little fun with it.

    I put my symptoms into webMD and it said I'm faded as fuck

    7. Too much fun.

    i can't stop sneezing pls help, i checked on webMD and it said that i'm 53 months pregnant... my parents r going to be so pissed

    8. Until it's not so fun...

    *Sneezes* *Checks WebMD* "With the symptoms you are showing you have anywhere between 3-4 weeks before death"

    9. ...and shit gets real.

    10. But then it gets UNREAL again.

    Checks WebMd •Turns out I've been dead for 37 years


    11. So then you tell yourself to stay away from WebMD.

    I need to stop self diagnosing myself whenever I feel sick via webmd because apparently I have lymphoma

    12. Because it can be petty AF.

    Me: I'll just look up my symptoms online, it's probably nothing serious. WebMD: It'S ProbBALY NotHING SeRiOUs

    13. I don't want to lose a body part because WebMD says it's gotta go.

    Ever checked WebMD when you had a cut on your finger and it tells you to go to the hospital and get it amputated

    14. And I damn sure ain't ready to die!!!