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    18 Really Weird Smells We All Secretly Like

    Let's be honest — gasoline smells amazing.

    1. Gasoline

    Paramount pictures

    Why: No damn clue. It just smells good!

    2. Nail polish


    Why: Because the smell is associated with nail salons. And that's where time just feels like it slows down and you're extremely present...isn't that nice?

    3. Rubbing alcohol

    20th Century Fox

    Why: Because it just smells like clean.

    4. Your S.O.'s hair

    XL Recordings

    Why: Because love that's why.

    5. Sharpies


    Why: Childhood urban legend says it's because it gets you high.

    6. Glue


    Why: People just love glue! We were introduced to it at a young age. We would put it on our hands, some kids would eat it, but we all definitely sniffed it.

    7. Chlorine

    Roc Nation

    Why: The memories associated with pools are nice. It's where we have fun playing in the water with our friends and/or family! So it makes sense that we like the smell of chlorine.

    8. Bonfire


    Why: Nothing beats that smokey scent associated with s'mores, hot dogs, and camping.

    9. A blown out match


    Why: The burnt smell of a match smells like a freshly cooked mini-meal. Doesn't it make you hungry a little bit?

    10. A blown out candle


    Why: The smell of a blown out candle still has the hint of the candle, it's bizarre, yet pleasant.

    11. Tennis balls

    Australian Open

    Why: The mix of rubber and that fleece-like material is the perfect mix apparently. And if it's good enough for greatest athlete of all time then it's great for us.

    12. Inflatable pool toys


    Why: Something about that fresh rubber smell is intoxicating.

    13. New books


    Why: The paper is still fresh and you can still smell the book adhesive. It's really nice! Also the feeling of getting a new book is always pleasant.

    14. Your own body odor


    Why: Because it's your natural nasty scent I guess. You would hate for anyone else to smell it, but you can't stop taking a whiff when you're a little funky.

    15. Rain on the street


    Why: The rain brings out the natural funk of your block. It's kind of like why you like your body odor.

    16. Bleach

    Cartoon Network

    Why: It's almost like the smell of bleach clears up your sinus. It feels like a nose cleanse...almost. Don't go smelling bleach all willy nilly now.

    17. Drywall


    Why: It kind of smells like paint, but less pungent. It's the perfect balance for your nostrils apparently.

    18. Shoe stores


    Why: Probably because of the memory associated with getting new shoes as a kid. Gotta love that shoe store smell. Not really feet though.

    Disclaimer: In no way are we saying people should go out and sniff this stuff regularly.

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